Volkswagen resumes production in Germany and worldwide

German auto concern announced the resumption of production after a pause in connection with the coronavirus epidemic. The factory in Zwickau, which is preparing to produce electric cars, will open on April 20.

German car concern Volkswagen at the end of April will resume production in Germany. According to the car giant, distributed on Wednesday, April 15, production in Zwickau, where they are preparing to produce an electric car ID3, will be resumed on April 20. The plants in Wolfsburg, Emden and Hanover will start operating again on April 27.

In other countries where the car giant had to stop production due to the coronavirus epidemic, the plant in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, will be the first to resume operations. This will take place on April 20. On April 27, plants in Russia, Portugal, Spain and the USA will start operating again. During May, production will be resumed in South Africa, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.

Volkswagen, which has long been criticized for its lack of interest in the production of electric cars, will refit its factory in Zwickau. Production of electric cars at the plant was scheduled to begin in November 2020 and until 2022 to produce 22 million electric cars there.