Volkswagen will send 80,000 employees on forced leave

The Volkswagen Group will send 80,000 workers on forced leave due to disruptions in the supply chain of spare parts and a drop in sales due to coronavirus, the Deutsche Wirtchafts Nachrichten business newspaper reports.

“In connection with the spread of coronavirus Volkswagen AG must adjust the production program,” commented a representative of the automotive giant. According to him, the reason for this is supply bottlenecks and falling sales. This will lead to significant production downtime, including in related industries. For this reason, the factories in Lower Saxony, Hessen and Saxony will introduce reduced shifts by April 3. According to the same schedule, the MAN Truck Division, as well as Audi and Porsche, will work on the same basis.

Due to the danger of coronavirus spreading, Volkswagen’s management has decided to stop working at its Wolfsburg headquarters as well as at its production facilities in Emden, Hanover, Osnabrück, Zwickau and Dresden. In addition, no automotive components are produced in Braunschweig, Salzgitter, Kassel, Chemnitz or car seats.

Production is also stopped in Spain in Pamplona, as well as in Palmel in Portugal, there is no plant in Slovakia. The same applies to the Group’s operations in Argentina and Brazil. In Mexico it is planned to take a break from March 30.