VSH25 bio-program launches human body resources to prolong life

Human body resources for life extension is launched by the experimental biological program VSH25. The creator of the project is a team of specialists from the Russian company IVAO. They found a way to use their own body resources to improve the physiological and psychological state of a human being. VSH25 improves health and makes the aging process slower by extending the period of active youth.

With the help of bio-program it is possible to solve a number of problems (elimination of pain, reduction of stress, getting rid of bad habits, etc.), for which the developers created 12 courses. For each course there are certain sound and visual signals, which the user of the program receives. They stimulate the nervous system, and the brain, having processed the information, starts the processes necessary for the body: a number of hormones, neurotransmitters, neuropeptides start to be synthesized, the parasympathetic nervous system is activated, etc. Specialists emphasize – all this has a direct impact on the functional state of the person, improving his health in all directions.

The VSH25 bioprogram is equipped with a large theoretical material “How it works”. The selection includes not only information about the mechanisms of aging, the structure of the human body, its resources and how they can be used for rejuvenation and life extension, but also references to various scientific articles.

It complements the theoretical base of “VSH25 Protocol” – a list of general recommendations on how to lead a lifestyle that is appropriate for longevity. Using the Protocol, a person can make an individual plan to extend his or her life. This document is based on the analysis of a significant number of studies.