Waiting for Boris:when Johnson returns to work

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who previously contracted coronavirus , may return to his duties only in a month. The Times writes about this with reference to government sources.

Some sources on Downing Street believe that the full recovery of the Prime Minister will take at least 30 days. And even after this period, his return to work will be gradual.

As it was reported on April 9, Boris Johnson was transferred from the intensive care unit to an ordinary ward. The politician is on the mend. Earlier the same day, his official representative said that the prime minister’s condition is improving.

On March 27, 55-year-old Boris Johnson said that he was diagnosed with coronavirus. The politician said that the disease has mild symptoms, and continued working in self-isolation. On April 6 he was placed in the intensive care unit, as the symptoms of coronavirus did not pass on the 10th day after detection.