Wales introduces full isolation mode until November 9

Full isolation mode will be introduced in Wales from Friday. This was announced on Monday, October 19, the first Minister of the region Mark Drakeford, writes the portal Metro.

“We don’t have simple solutions because the virus is spreading in all parts of Wales,” the official said at a press conference. If the authorities don’t act, he said, health care will not be able to take care of patients hospitalized with the coronavirus, even the additional 5,000 beds planned by the authorities for the winter.

Nonfood stores, sports centers, hotels and restaurants will be closed in Wales by 9 November. The authorities will allocate 300 million pounds sterling to help businesses.

If possible, people will switch to remote operation. It will be impossible to meet with relatives, with rare exceptions, neither on the street nor indoors.

Religious institutions will be closed and open for weddings and funerals.

The isolation will be a ‘short, sharp blow that will turn back time, slow the spread of the virus and give us more time,’ Drakeford added.

More than 722,000 cases of coronavirus are currently reported in the UK. On October 12, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the government will tighten measures to combat the spread of coronavirus.