Warring Princes Harry and William announced a truce

British Princes Harry and William have declared a truce to install a monument to their mother, Princess Diana. It is reported by Vanity Fair.

According to sources close to the royal family, the feuding brothers are working together to make sure the project is completed on time. The sculptor received feedback from both princes, after which they approved the casting of the statue.

Despite the quarrel, Harry and William continue to keep in touch. Princess Anne’s daughter Zara Tindoll and her husband Mike Tindoll, who recently became parents to the British queen’s tenth great-grandson, have played a role in mending the relationship between the brothers.

At the same time, it is too early to talk about the end of the feud. According to The Sun’s source, William is extremely angry about the interview Harry and Meghan Markle gave to American TV host Oprah Winfrey. “At this point, it’s impossible to imagine a happy reunion happening and them standing next to each other at the unveiling of the Princess Diana memorial,” he explained.

Princess Diana was the mother of Princes Harry and William. She was killed in a car crash on the night of August 31, 1997 in Paris, when the Mercedes in which she was traveling with billionaire Dodi Al-Fayed crashed into a tunnel wall. Harry and William commissioned the monument in 2017, when they were not yet feuding. The statue is expected to be unveiled in front of Diana’s London home this July, when the princess could have turned 60.

It was previously reported that the rift between the brothers occurred when Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle relinquished their authority as senior members of the royal family. The author of books about the British royal family, Katie Nicholl, claims that after the scandalous Oprah Winfrey interview, the rift between the brothers only intensified.

After the interview, it emerged that some members of the royal family had expressed concerns about the color of Harry and Meghan’s child, and because of the harassment in the British press, Meghan was thinking about suicide. Buckingham Palace has promised to look into the allegations.