Washington Mayor extended the curfew by two days

The curfew introduced in Washington on May 31 will be valid for two more days. This was announced Monday, June 1, by Mayor Muriel Bowser, writes The Washington Times.

“Americans are outraged by the murder of George Floyd, but the scale of the protests has exceeded acceptable limits,” Bowser said.

The mayor stressed that curfews will begin at 7 p.m.

On Sunday, May 31, Washington police reported 17 detainees during the riots. According to the U.S. Secret Service, between Friday evening, May 29, and Sunday morning, May 31, more than 60 of their employees in the capital were affected by the fact that the rioters threw various objects at them. At a press conference on Sunday, Bowser said she had no intention of imposing curfews because violators of the law are unlikely to comply.

Protests in the United States began after African-American policeman George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis, Minnesota, May 25.

That day, 911 Minneapolis, Minnesota’s largest city, received a call from an employee at a store in the Longfellow area. He reported that his client, a large black man, had allegedly paid him in counterfeit bills, was intoxicated and was about to drive.

The police officers who arrived asked 46-year-old George Floyd, who was in the car, to leave and handcuffed him, but he tried to escape.

Footage from the scene, which was posted on the Internet by eyewitnesses, shows a policeman kicking Floyd to the ground, pressing his neck with his knee and holding him like that for seven minutes. The detainee offered no resistance and repeatedly asked the guards to loosen his grip. Floyd shouted that he couldn’t breathe, after which he fainted. A little later, he died in intensive care.

The policemen were fired after the appearance of the detention video, and one of them was accused of manslaughter by negligence.

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