Weinstein’s ex-wives secured the arrest of part of his bank accounts

Two ex-wives of American producer Harvey Weinstein, convicted of harassment, have achieved a temporary freeze on some of his financial assets. This was reported by sources familiar with the situation.

We are talking about the amount of about $6 million. Consideration of the request began in April, reported July 10, ABC. Most of Weinstein’s assets were previously frozen in connection with bankruptcy proceedings and civil cases. Granting the ex-wives’ suit will be an obstacle to filing an appeal in New York and further proceedings in Los Angeles, as now he can not spend the money without their permission, sources said.

Journalists have not been able to get details from the plaintiffs: the representative of Yves Chilton, who broke up with Weinstein in 2004, was unavailable, the representative of Georgina Chapman, who abandoned the producer in 2017 amid a sex scandal, declined to comment. Weinstein himself did not comment on the situation either.

On July 1, it became known that the women who accused Weinstein of harassment could receive $19 million. The agreement was reached in a series of proceedings against Weinstein, as well as his production company Weinstein Company.

About 80 women have publicly filed charges against Weinstein. It will be up to the court-appointed specialist to decide which of these women is entitled to payment.