What a turn! Meghan Markle artificially created scandals to become famous

Writer Lady Colin Campbell, who devoted several books to the royal family, shared intriguing details of life of 39-year-old Meghan Markle. It turns out that the wife of Prince Harry always counted every step of her life and checked how close she would get to her cherished goal – the status of the most discussed celebrity in the world.

On the radio show Graham Norton Campbell said that Meghan moved her family to the U.S. to be able to interfere in politics and create his business empire – all this is forbidden in the royal family. However, Markle would not have been able to pull off his manipulations had it not been for Harry’s “indulgence,” the writer believes.

“And she [Meghan] also instructed her PR staff that they should make her the most famous person on Earth. And everything must be tied to a frightening number of scandals – otherwise you are not famous enough – Colin shared her thoughts, calling the strategy “extremely thoughtful. – I am sure that history is happening before our eyes.

Campbell also said that Harry and Meghan found out that she was writing a book about them, and through mutual friends tried to influence the story by slipping information about Markle’s relationship with Father Thomas. The writer did not succumb to provocation and called the information “a pile of garbage”.