What has become known about Melania Trump and her husband Donald from the new revelation book

On September 1, the book “Melanie and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady” was published on bookstores in the United States. The book was authored by Stephanie Winslet Volkoff, former advisor to the American president and former Vogue magazine associate. Having quarreled with the number one couple, she told about her many things that Donald and Melanie Trump would rather not make public.

Stephanie Volkoff met Melanie Trump long before she was appointed an unpaid first lady counselor in 2003. At that time, the woman worked as an event organizer at Vogue and was involved in planning the most fashionable and prestigious events in New York City. She worked with the First Lady for just over a year, and despite her fifteen-year friendship, she was fired shortly after her inauguration.

In her book, Ms. Volkoff calls Melanie Trump “big sister” and admits that she once considered her best friend. However, even then, “best friend”, despite all her requests, rarely appeared at the charity events of Stephanie Volkoff and could not even remember how to pronounce her son’s name correctly – she said “Taylor” instead of “Tyler.

In front of my eyes, Melanie was turning from a gold plate into 24-carat gold,” writes Stephanie Volkoff, and complains that now all that is left of the first lady is “gold shell,” and the White House plunged into an atmosphere of slander and distrust.

The process of turning gold into a shell is described in detail: in particular, Mrs. Volkoff colorfully describes the operation “Blocking Ivanka,” which was organized by Melanie Trump. She tried to make sure that the face of Donald Trump’s daughter from Ivanka’s first marriage was not broadcast at all during her inauguration, and she succeeded. The former assistant claims that Trump was afraid that the president’s daughter would become the most important woman with the name Trump in the White House.

Her former friend describes Melanie Trump herself as a cold, very reserved woman.

It’s none of my business to please anyone,” recalls Ms. Volkoff, one of her former friend’s favorite phrases.

According to her, unlike her husband, who is active in social networks, Melanie Trump communicates only with a close circle of friends from New York and next of kin, and during public events demonstrates detachment. Even correspondence she prefers to be conducted with the help of emodsi smileys – and does not like to discuss political issues.

But although she has little interest in politics, she is a full-blown mistress within the walls of the White House and sometimes even intervenes in public affairs, insisting on her own contrary to her husband’s will. For example, Donald Trump once lifted the ban on importing hunting trophies from Africa to the United States. Melanie insisted that the ban should be reintroduced.

From a book devoted mainly to the wife of the American president, you can learn something about the White House master himself. In particular, the author writes that after the hastily organized inauguration, Donald Trump wanted to hold a grand military parade. “Tanks, helicopters! Let it look like North Korea! – quotes Mrs. Volkoff as President.

According to the writer, neither Donald Trump nor his wife expected him to win the election, and he was surprised to become president of the United States for a long time.
The former First Lady’s assistant writes how shortly before his inauguration, Mr. Trump met them with the words: “Time Magazine! I am on the cover again!” Winston Volkoff congratulated him and remarked, “Donald, you will be president,” noting the insignificance of the publication against its background of who he has become and what mission he will carry out. “Yes, of course! Perfect! – As if Trump answered and went into the description of the magazine cover.

As for the official reaction to the book, at first the White House refrained from comments. However, on the eve of its release, Donald Trump’s press secretary Stephanie Grisham called the book a collection of “lies”.