WhatsApp users are distributed a “text bomb”, which breaks the messenger

A new ” text bomb ” is distributed among the users of the popular WhatsApp messenger – this is what is commonly called a set of characters, messages with which “break” the application.

Malicious message, which looks like a set of random characters, somehow causes the WhatsApp messenger to fail – having received such a message, you can no longer run the application. The threat, unlike other similar threats, is relevant regardless of the mobile platform – iOS and Android versions of the application fail.

Experts say that you can’t protect yourself from the new “text bomb”. That is, you can, for example, prohibit messages from unknown numbers, but to send a malicious message can also be familiar. There is one way to “fix” WhatsApp after the “text bomb”, but it works only if the account was previously connected to the browser version of the messenger – you need to go to the browser version and delete all messages in the dialog with the pest.

The radical way to “repair” WhatsApp is to delete and reinstall the application. But in this case, you risk being left without a message history if you do not have an actual backup. The situation, as experts say, can be seen as a signal that you need to move to more secure messengers.