When Nord Stream 2 is running

The energy expert is sure that the new change in the route of the “Academician Chersky” pipelayer shows that it goes to the area of construction of “Nord Stream-2”.

The new course of Academician Chersky to Spain has confirmed that the ship is going to complete the Nord Stream-2, and this will give the West an excuse to continue attacks on the project, said the head of special projects of the National Energy Security Fund, Oleksandr Perov.

“The tangled Akademika’s route did not allow the West to say directly that Russia intends to use it to complete the Nord Stream-2 project. In the near future, this reason will be quite obvious. And we should expect that the opponents of the Russian-German gas pipeline construction will use such an obvious excuse to launch new criticism of the project,” Perov said.

According to the expert, initially Chersky chose a confusing scheme of movement with the change of intermediate ports, so that the final destination of the vessel would not be obvious, as opponents of the project in the West are as closely watching the route of “Academician Chersky” as in Russia.

“We remember that the “black PR” against “Nord Stream-2″ was used even before the real construction began – they said that the pipeline would finally put Europe in gas dependence on Russia, would become an environmental threat and almost a reason for the Russian army to invade the EU,” – added the power engineer.

He noted that the negative information background for today is accompanied by everything that is connected with power industry.

“Oil prices continue to remain at a low level and are waiting for OPEC+ negotiations. Demand for gas in the world has fallen record-breakingly as the coronavirus epidemic has stopped enterprises all over the world. And climate warming does not require large reserves of energy resources for household needs,” Perov said.

According to him, today Europe does not need Nord Stream-2 as there are enough traditional supply routes and gas reserves in EU underground storage facilities are at their historic maximum.

“However, one should not forget that huge sums of money have been invested in the project by Russia and European companies, so it is unacceptable to stop the project. After all, the coronavirus epidemic will soon go down, which means that the energy market situation will recover. Demand will inevitably go up,” the expert added.
He stressed that despite the global recession of the entire world economy, the European Union and the U.S. are pouring huge money into their economies, so in a few months the recession should end.

“By the end of the year, the recovery will begin. At the same time, the Nord Stream-2 will not be completed before the end of 2020. In fact, the gas pipeline will start operating just when it becomes popular,” summed up Alexander Perov.
Earlier it was reported that the vessel Akademik Chersky, which is capable to continue laying the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline, has changed its course again and is heading towards the Spanish port Las Palmas.