While Trump promised to conquer Mars, protesters prepared a guillotine for him-Video

He answered “Yes”! Donald Trump officially entered the presidential race in pursuit of a second term. The last formality was a more than an hour-long speech by the current White House head, in which he, according to the American media, was more of a rebel than a president because of strong criticism of Biden. Trump called his Democratic opponent a “Trojan horse for socialism,” guilty of all economic problems in the country. However, those who gathered on the other side of the White House fence at the time of Trump’s speech strongly disagreed with this view.

“Despite the greatness of our country, everything we have achieved is now in danger. These are the most important elections in our country’s history. Never before have voters faced a clearer choice between parties – two visions, two philosophies, two agendas. These elections will decide whether we will preserve the American dream or whether we will allow the socialist agenda to destroy our cherished destiny. This election will decide whether we will protect the American way of life, or whether we will allow a radical movement to completely destroy it. It’s not going to happen! – said US President Donald Trump.

Trump saves the United States from socialism, which will take over America with the election of Biden. The opponent is a ‘Trojan horse’, carrying a hated ideology to the USA.

“China supports Biden and desperately wants his victory. China will take over our country if Biden is elected. We will provide tax breaks to bring jobs back to the U.S. from China. And we will impose duties on any company that leaves America to create jobs abroad. The Joe Biden program is “made in China. My program is “made in the United States! – campaigned by Donald Trump.

Warring megaphones and drums, whistles and bells – cacophony of sounds at the White House. Even a disco was arranged under the windows to muffle Trump’s speech. Protesters bypassed the White House from different sides to get closer to Trump’s lawn.

“Silence is an accessory! I have been here for a long time, because he is still sitting there! We can no longer tolerate a racist in power,” explains Jonathan Walsh.

Trump’s accomplices are the police. The protesters are wearing uniforms and talking masks to tell the patrols. 7 bullets were fired into the back by their colleague African-American Jacob Blake. And that was all in front of three children who were in the car. The man was paralyzed and he is in hospital and even in this condition is handcuffed to the bed.

The 74-year-old citizen is also handcuffed. Although the older man claimed to have taken a gun to help police maintain order in the city. True, there is another version – the driver was drunk.

The protest against police brutality is nationwide. The residents of Portland did not leave the streets for the fourth month. They are joined by Los Angeles, Sacramento. Unexplained stiffness also led to the White House of hundreds of blacks.

– I am here for all the blacks! Because he continues to kill us, as if we do not mean anything. We will make him hear us, we will make him notice us!

The guillotine instantly appears and the Trump doll is on it. At this time, there are fireworks over Washington – so the party noted the official nomination of the president for a second term. But the Republicans were pretty much spoiled by the holiday. The guests leaving the White House were waiting for them. Their bus was blocked by protesters. Those who dared to walk were insulted and shattered with threats.

“They saw me, but we managed to get to the police. If it weren’t for the police, we wouldn’t have survived. The crowd surrounded us, people shouted my name, pushed law enforcement guards and tried to get to me. It is time for us to wake up. Even on the streets of Washington, DC, it’s not safe anymore,” said Rand Paul, a U.S. Congress senator for the Republican Party.