WHO experts in China will determine the nature of coronavirus’ origin

The mission of the World Health Organization (WHO) expert group in China is to determine whether coronavirus COVID-19 comes from an animal.

“One of the biggest questions for us is to find out whether coronavirus was transmitted to humans from an animal and what kind of animal it was,” the report says.

On July 10, it was reported that a group of zoologists and epidemiologists from WHO went to China.

Earlier, on July 7, the head of WHO Tedros Adan Gebrejesus said that the organization intends to send representatives to China to establish the nature of the origin of coronavirus and the main task of the group will be to prepare a plan of work in this direction for an international mission.

The spread of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19, began last December. Wuhan City in China has become a hotbed of infection. On 11 March, WHO declared a pandemic.

There are 13,082,757 cases of disease today, with 572,553 deaths and 13,082,757 recovering, according to World Health Organization data.