WHO Oversight Committee supported the evaluation of the organization’ s activity

The independent oversight and advisory committee on the WHO programme on Monday, 18 May, said an evaluation of the organization’s Coronavirus control activities would be useful.

“An independent evaluation of the organization’s response (to the pandemic – Ed.) and lessons for the future may be useful in due course. The scope of such an evaluation should be determined by Member States and should cover both the actions of Member States and the WHO Secretariat in response to pandemic COVID-19”.

However, the Committee was cautioned that conducting such an assessment at the height of a pandemic could compromise WHO’s ability to act effectively.

Earlier that day, WHO chief Tedros Gebrejesus said the organization would conduct an independent assessment of the international response to the Coronavirus pandemic as soon as possible. He also noted that he would prepare recommendations for countries to improve their response to the pandemic.

On April 14, U.S. President Donald Trump said Washington was terminating funding for WHO because the organization was ineffective. UN Secretary-General António Guterres then said the United States had chosen the wrong time to stop funding WHO. The Russian Foreign Ministry called the U.S. president’s decision counterproductive.

In addition, Trump criticized the organization for focusing on China during the Coronavirus pandemic. In his opinion, the organization paid too much attention to China despite the fact that it was financed mainly by the US.