WHO supported opening up countries with a number of restrictions

The opening of countries after quarantine must be carried out with the necessary precautions to prevent catastrophe, said the director general of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebrejesus.

He stressed that the organization fully supports the efforts of countries to open economies and communities, but it is important to do so with deliberation and care.

“We want to see children returning to schools and people returning to their workplaces. But we want it to be safe <...> The more countries control the virus, the more they can open up. Opening without control is a recipe for disaster,” Hebraeus said on the WHO website on Monday, August 31.

Countries need to follow four important rules before returning to normal life, he said.

First, it is necessary to limit transmission among large groups of people, for example, at stadiums, nightclubs and large religious meetings. Second, mortality should be reduced by protecting the groups most vulnerable to the virus.

Third, everyone should contribute to the safety of society, in particular by wearing a medical mask, maintaining social distance and washing hands.

Fourth, each state should take measures to identify, isolate, test and treat those who are ill, and monitor contacts.

Earlier, Ghebrejesus said that the pandemic has negatively affected the mental health of millions of people around the planet.

According to him, this concerns anxiety and fear caused by the pandemic, as well as disruption of mental health support services. In addition, the deep impact of the lack of interaction between people due to quarantine was also a cause of the negative impact.