Wild boars, roes and bears began to enter the devastated cities of Spain

Due to quarantine against the backdrop of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, Spanish citizens are increasingly reporting wildlife intrusions into deserted cities. The newspaper 20 Minutos writes about it on Tuesday, March 24.

Different species of animals, usually inhabiting the periphery of cities, are now moving inland in search of food.

According to the newspaper, in recent days boars have appeared in the main streets of Barcelona, and roe deer were seen in the municipality of Cinchilla (province of Albacete), and in the municipality of Cangas del Narcia even noticed a brown bear.

Some social media users claim to have seen coyotes wandering the streets.

These are mainly species that feed on leftover food left behind by humans. Their appearance in rural areas has been recorded many times, but there are few precedents where they can be seen so close to the centre of large cities.

According to the international statistical bureau Worldometer, the number of cases of infection with the new type of coronavirus in Spain has reached 39.6 thousand, 2.6 thousand people died, 3.7 thousand patients were discharged from hospitals.

Earlier on March 24, the Spanish media assumed that the spread of coronavirus in the country may reach a larger scale than in Italy or China. During the day the number of deaths increased by 462, which is a record figure since the advent of COVID-19 in the country. Each day, the disease is spreading more widely in Spain and is being diagnosed where outbreaks have not previously occurred.