Will Prince William abdicate the throne? Unexpected details about the future of the British monarchy!

In 2022, Queen Elizabeth will celebrate an important date: the 70th anniversary of her reign on the throne. Next in line of succession is her eldest son, Prince Charles. However, more and more often the media reports that, bypassing his father, Prince William may ascend to the throne.

The other day, royal expert Ian Lloyd gave a detailed commentary on the matter. It turns out that the situation could be much more complicated.

“The queen is unlikely to ever give up the throne, given her commitment to the crown. Prince Charles would never do it either, he may be in his 80s when he ascends the throne, and I think he would like to spend some time as king. I believe that in the future it may be Prince William who becomes the first British monarch of this century to abdicate when he reaches a certain age. It would be much better if the future king or queen took office at the age of 40, but also retired on time in their 70s. In that case, their health and fortune will allow them to represent the country around the world,” the Express quotes Lloyd

At the moment, Prince William is third on the list of heirs. And the other day, Prince William and Kate Middleton have already begun preparing their 7-year-old son George to ascend to the throne.