William Barr ordered hundreds of prisoners to be released from American jails

U.S. Attorney General William Barr ordered the release of hundreds of inmates from U.S. prisons because of the coronavirus pandemic, warning that the federal prison bureau was facing emergency situations.

According to Barr, his order requires that priority be given to placing vulnerable categories of prisoners under house arrest primarily for those in federal prisons most affected by COVID-19, including such facilities as Oakdale in Louisiana, Elkton in Ohio and Danbury in Connecticut, The Guardian reports.

The bar issued such an order after five prisoners in Oakdale and two in Elkton died of COVID-19.

On Friday, the Federal Bureau of Prisons said 91 inmates and 50 of its staff at all 122 facilities were suffering from COVID-19, although some media suggested that the number of victims of coronavirus in U.S. prisons is much higher.