Witness for the prosecution in the Netanyahu case died in a plane crash in Greece

In the crash of a Cessna 172 plane near the Greek island of Samos on Monday, September 13, 70-year-old Haim Garon died. The man was one of the prosecution witnesses in the trial of Israeli opposition leader and former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. YnetNews reported this on Tuesday, September 14.

The single-engine plane, which flew allegedly from Israel, disappeared from radar shortly before landing at an airfield on the island of Samos. The aircraft failed to land and fell into the water in the eastern Aegean Sea. Garon’s wife Este was also on board. Both men on board were dead. Their bodies were found during the search and rescue operation.

The day before, three cases against Israeli opposition leader and former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, accused of abuse and corruption, resumed Monday at the Jerusalem District Court, Kan Radio reported. The politician is accused of giving the telecommunications company Bezeq preferential treatment in exchange for positive coverage of his cabinet.

Netanyahu has so far appeared in three court hearings – on May 24, 2020, as well as on February 8 and April 5, 2021. Last May he affirmed that he understood the charges, and on February 8, 2021, he pleaded not guilty.

On June 3, for the first time in 12 years, a coalition government was formed in Israel without Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party. Naftali Bennett, the leader of the New Right, who hails from Netanyahu’s party, played an important role in this decision. He announced that he was ready to join an opposition government without Likud. Bennett’s position was crucial because neither Netanyahu nor the opposition could form a coalition government without him.

On June 2, it became known that Yitzhak Herzog, head of the Jewish Agency (Sokhnut), was elected Israel’s 11th president. In the first round Herzog won 87 out of 120 votes out of a minimum of 61. Herzog’s opponent, Miriam Peretz, won 26 votes. Herzog will succeed Reuven Rivlin as president at the end of the first decade of July.