Wolves can get attached to a person like dogs

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Zoopsychologists from Hungary managed to find out the peculiarity of the behavior of wolves. For this purpose, from birth they trained a group of wolves, by analogy with dogs. As a result, the behavior of wolves became similar to that of dogs.

Tamás Farago, a scientist representing Budapest University, together with his group analyzed the behavior of a group of wolves consisting of 11 individuals. The wolf flock was raised far away from its congeners, and then behavioral analogies were made using the example of domestic dogs. As a result, it turned out that prolonged absence of a host can cause stress in wolves, they whine and make attempts to get rid of the leash. This behavior is very similar to dogs, they expect to be protected by the owner and are concerned about their long absence.

But there are still some differences. The most important thing is the way the wolves react when they meet a stranger. They have a feeling of anxiety and desire to run away, while the dogs, on the contrary, show intense interest and seek contact. Scientists attribute this to the tendency of dogs to be friends with a person.

For a long time, zoologists have not thought about the fact that wolves are able to get attached to a person. This is due to long contact with humans and education away from wildlife.