Woman in Lithuania died after being vaccinated against coronavirus

A woman died after being vaccinated against a coronavirus infection in the Lithuanian city of Panevėžys, but doctors do not attribute her death to the vaccination. This was reported by Radio Lithuania on its website on Tuesday, March 9.

It is noted that the woman, born in 1941, was vaccinated with the drug Pfizer-BioNTech. In addition, she had a pacemaker.

According to the director of the city emergency station Ruta Ramoshkienė, after the vaccination the woman complained of shortness of breath. An ambulance was called for her, but the woman could not be saved.

Ramoškienė added that such a sudden effect from the vaccine could not have occurred. He assumes that the woman was faced with stress, in addition, she had health problems.

Earlier, on March 9, it was reported that Latvia temporarily suspended the use of a coronavirus vaccine produced by AstraZeneca with serial number ABV5300 due to health problems detected in patients after vaccination with the drug.

Also on March 9, it was reported that Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt was hospitalized with a suspected coronavirus infection two days after being vaccinated against the coronavirus. A statement from Hunt’s office said he was vaccinated with AstraZeneca.

On March 3 in Estonia, a rescue department employee died after being vaccinated with AstraZeneca. On the same day it became known that in South Korea two patients aged 50 and 63 died after being vaccinated with the same drug. Doctors are investigating whether these deaths could have been related to the effects of the vaccine.