Woman in the United States received a postcard sent a hundred years ago

Brittany Keach, a resident of the American town of Belting, found a letter sent a hundred years ago in her mailbox. This was reported on September 11 by Fox TV channel.

The card was sent on October 29, 1920, and contained a Halloween greeting.

“Yes, it’s too slow,” Keach commented on the delay in delivering the postcard by mail.

The postcard depicts a witch with a cat, goose and owl. The letter is italicized and addressed to Roy McQueen from Division Street. The cousin wrote the letter to her relative.

Brittany posted the letter on the Positively Belding Facebook page.

Earlier, in June, a resident of Taiwan found a bottle with a letter from Russian scientists. The message was sent 25 years ago by an employee of the Kaliningrad Museum to check the world ocean currents.