Women like warmth because of evolution

Love for warmth appeared in female animals and women in the process of evolution – believe Israeli researchers from Tel Aviv University. The scientists shared the results of their study with readers of the journal Global Ecology and Biogeography.

Many have noticed that in situations when men are comfortable in light clothing, women begin to wrap themselves in warm sweaters. Scientists from Israel were interested in the cause of such a pronounced difference in preferred temperatures, and found that the roots of the phenomenon grow out of evolutionary development.

Analysis of a number of scientific papers, which were devoted to the distribution of different species on different territories, confirmed the scientists’ assumptions. In particular, the paper’s authors studied data collected over 40 years on thousands of birds and bats that live in different parts of Israel, and found that males generally prefer lower temperatures than females.

“During certain periods in breeding cycles, when females and males do not need each other and live separately, they occupy different natural niches, and because of this they do not compete for resources. Females prefer locations with higher temperatures because they have to heat their offspring, who are not yet able to regulate their own body temperature,” scientists say, noting that this is the main reason for the female’s love of heat.