Wonders of science: American man created rainbow chocolate

American experimenter from Los Angeles Samy Camcar gave the chocolate an iridescent, shimmering color with the help of low-pressure pouring, which he told on Twitter.

We are in a hurry to disappoint you: he did not invent a new taste of chocolate, only the appearance of the bar has changed.

How did he do that?

The experiment is based on a phenomenon of physics, or more precisely – diffraction. It’s a deviation from the laws of geometric optics. You can observe it if you use natural light and a surface with small holes or irregularities.

When light is reflected from irregularities, the light waves are superimposed on each other and in each direction the components with a certain frequency prevail. Simply put, the object begins to shine with all the colors of the rainbow.

The experimenter has given the diffraction properties of the chocolate surface by means of laser cutting, lathe and CNC machine. He made a pattern matching the diffraction grating and poured molten chocolate into the mould.

As a result, the same irregularities appeared on the surface of the chocolate as those on the mould in which it was placed. The molten chocolate itself turned into a diffraction grating and acquired an iridescent, iridescent coloration.