Xiaomi introduced the newest 8K TV for car price

One of the famous and prestigious Chinese companies called Xiaomi first introduced the latest 8K TV. The device has a diagonal of eighty-two inches as well as 7680 by 4320 pixels screen resolution.

It is worth noting one more interesting detail – the TV set is equipped with 5G standard. This will allow users to download content with high definition. At the same time, everyone can not connect to the network.

There is also information that this model of TV has a built-in camera so that the user can keep in touch with the video. The device has improved sound characteristics, which is also a big plus.

The cost of such an improved device is unknown. Xiaomi is keeping it a secret at the moment. Many experts believe that the price may be similar to its competitors. Approximately, they calculate the price of several thousand dollars.

More recently, the Chinese company Xiaomi has presented two models of TV. One of them differed in that it was transparent and was produced only in series. The first one was released in 2020, in July, and just a month later the other one was released.