Xiaomi overtakes Apple to become the second largest supplier of smartphones

The research company Canalys published a report on the supply of smartphones in the second quarter of 2021. According to its data, the total shipment of devices on the world market increased by 12%. Experts attribute this growth to the spread of vaccines against coronavirus and the improvement of the economic situation in general.

The largest manufacturer of smartphones still remains Samsung with a total market share of 19%. In second place for the first time is Xiaomi with 17%. During the quarter the Chinese giant increased its sales by 83%, which allowed it to displace Apple, the share of which is now 14%. Vivo and Oppo are in fourth and fifth place with 10% each.

Canalys spokesman Ben Stanton said that Xiaomi’s success is due to active development outside the home market. For example, in Latin America the company’s shipments increased by 300%, in Africa by 150%, and in Western Europe by 50%. The fact that the company is still largely focused on the mass market plays a significant role. Compared to Samsung and Apple, its average selling price is about 40% and 75% lower.

Now the main priority for Xiaomi will be to grow sales of high-end devices such as the Mi 11 Ultra. But it will be an uphill battle, Canalys notes. Oppo and Vivo will also fight for this segment, and both are willing to spend big on aggressive marketing, which is not typical of Xiaomi.