Xiaomi will drop the Mi brand

In recent years, Xiaomi has grown from a small, ambitious company to become the largest smartphone supplier in the world with many products and sub-brands. To make life easier for customers, the company has previously separated Redmi and POCO into separate brands – and now it has abandoned the Mi prefix in the names of its main line of devices.

This could be seen already at the announcement of Xiaomi MIX 4 – in the name, there is no Mi, and this is not a mistake of presentation, but the new course of the manufacturer. A representative of the company told XDA Developers that new devices will follow the same pattern of names in the future.

And it’s not just about smartphones and tablets: the company manufactures many types of tech from smart home gadgets to electric scooters. Most of them have the prefix Mi in the name – but the new releases will give it up. The only thing that will remind you of the old naming system is the logo on the back.