You can order PlayStation 5 from September 10. It is gold and costs $10,000

Luxurious British brand Truly Exquisite announced a new collection of devices that are not accessible to the general public – PlayStation 5 in a case decorated with gold or platinum of the buyer’s choice. Depending on the selected material, the set-top box, which will not start selling soon, will cost $10.3-10.6 thousand.

In total, 250 PlayStation 5 consoles will be released. Most likely, each set-top box will be made to a specific order, as the company will hardly want to store precious PS5s in stock. In addition to the console itself, you can buy a separate gamepad for $ 835 and a headset for $515 (they are also included when you buy the PlayStation 5 – two DualSense controllers and one headset). Needless to say, precious metals are also used in their design.