is an open source search engine that will give you a complete picture of your query in one click and save you time is positioning itself as an alternative to traditional search engines and intends to replace Google. The goal is very ambitious, but there is every chance of success, because the service offers a fundamentally different approach to information selection. Unlike traditional search engines, it does not provide the most relevant short answer, but a broader selection of links to a variety of sources, which will help build a complete picture of the given query.

Compared to Google’s list of options, looks much more modern. The results are presented as blocks and categorized by web, images, video, news, and maps. The main section gathers the most comprehensive information from various sources, including Wikipedia, Reddit, Quora, YouTube and others of your choice. This not only saves time, but also allows you to explore a topic from different angles. doesn’t display a million results that you’ll never see. Instead, AI algorithms do the analysis and show not ads and SEO links at the top, but articles even from small sites if they match your query.

At the same time, the search engine tries to be as useful as possible. For example, if you are looking for “aliexpress”, then in addition to links to the store and a selection of coupons will offer to track the parcel.

And if you’re looking for programming tutorials, it will show not only courses, but also code snippets that you can copy and try out right away.

After registering, you can customize your search by adding sources you trust. The AI will give them preference when generating the output.

Also, the search capabilities are greatly enhanced by the various add-ons that show supporting information and allow you to quickly navigate to it. This allows you to explore a topic right on the search results page without having to go to any other sites at all. has a private mode that doesn’t save your search history or IP address. Queries and results are sent through a built-in proxy, so sites can’t follow you and offer targeted ads.

As for advertising in the service itself, there is none yet. In addition, the creators state that they do not sell data to other organizations and do not track users’ actions. They also guarantee that if ads do appear, they will not be targeted.