Zelensky congratulated Ukrainians on their national holiday in a Russian shirt

Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky published on Thursday, May 20, in the social network Instagram picture, in which he and his wife Olena are dressed in the national clothing, with social network users noticed the similarity of the costume of the head of state with the Russian kosovorotka.

The photo was published on Vyshyvanka Day, which Ukrainians celebrate on the third Thursday of May.

“That’s a Russian shirt,” wrote one social network user, who was supported by others, giving the comment a “like” mark.

A number of Ukrainian media outlets, including Strana.ua, noted that the Ukrainian president wore Russian national attire.

According to ethnologist Oksana Kosmina, a senior researcher of the Institute of National Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and candidate of historical sciences, Zelenskyy and his wife are dressed in modern clothes which have a “remote relation” to traditional outfits. The expert explained that the embroidery does resemble a kosovorotka, as it has a narrow cut.

“If they had made the pattern wider with this closure – it would have come in handy. And here you get both the cut is not traditional, and the arrangement of the composition of the ornament. And it has played such a negative role, so everyone is right to write about the collar,” Liga.net. cites Kosmina.

The expert also clarified that this type of shirt, like on the photo of Zelenski, is typical of “the Russians and the Belarusians.

May 20 also marked exactly two years since the inauguration of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenski.

On that day, the Ukrainian leader said at a large press conference that his nomination for a second presidential term depended on the will of the people and the proportion of promises he had fulfilled. Zelensky stressed that he wanted to be better than his predecessors. Since, according to him, Ukraine deserves every new leader to be better than the previous ones.