Zelensky threw a birthday party in the midst of quarantine

On the occasion of his birthday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky threw a party during the quarantine measures imposed due to the spread of the coronavirus infection. The report about it was published by journalists of the program “Schemes” on February 4.

On January 25, the head of state turned 43. According to the website of the TV channel “112 Ukraine”, the celebration took place on January 29 in the apartment of the co-owner of the “Kvartal-95” studio Timur Mindych.

The party was attended by about 30 guests, while there is a ban on holding public events with more than 20 people in the country. It is noted that none of those present complied with the quarantine restrictions imposed by the Ukrainian government from January 25 to February 28, such as mandatory masking and a safety distance of 1.5 meters.

The celebration lasted nearly eight hours.

The Ukrainian leader invited both show business representatives and high-ranking officials to his birthday party. First presidential aide Sergey Shefir, head of the presidential office Andrey Ermak, his deputy Kirill Timoshenko, Minister of Community and Territorial Development Alex Chernyshev, members of the “Kvartal-95” studio Evgeniy Koshevoy, Alexander Pikalov, Elena Kravets, Valery Zhidkov, Stepan Kazanin, Artem Gagarin and the director of the series “Servant of the People” Alex Kiryushchenko were present.

January 25, there was no more strict quarantine in Ukraine, which had lasted since January 8. The state of emergency is in effect in the country until February 28.