Zelensky’s office called the “return” of Crimea the main task of Ukraine

The office of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky considers the return of Crimea under Kyiv’s control and the protection of indigenous peoples from persecution the main tasks of the country. This is stated in a message from the press service, posted in the Telegram channel on Monday, August 9.

It claims that the Crimean Tatar people are currently “experiencing mass harassment and persecution for their position of rejecting the occupation and supporting the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine.”

Thus, Zelensky’s office points to alleged murders, enforced disappearances, searches and detentions, the banning of indigenous representative bodies, and the destruction of freedom of speech.

“Therefore, the Ukrainian state sees its main task as the liberation of occupied Crimea and the protection of indigenous peoples from persecution,” the report says.

It is specified that to implement these tasks, Zelensky signed several legislative initiatives, particularly the law “On the indigenous peoples of Ukraine,” which regulates the protection of the rights and interests of indigenous peoples.

“Today our country together with the whole world celebrates the International Day of Indigenous Peoples. On this day, Ukraine once again focuses the international community’s attention on the need to actively fight for the return of Crimea under the control of our state,” added the office of the President of Ukraine.

On August 3, Zelensky said that the return of Crimea to Ukraine is a matter of time. He expressed confidence that Ukrainians value the peninsula more than Russians do. According to Zelensky, Crimea and Donbass are a foreign territory for Russian citizens.

On August 2, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba also said that Kiev would sooner or later wait for Crimea to return to Ukraine. He also threatened Russia with “stones from the sky.

On July 12, Russian President Vladimir Putin noted in his article “On the historical unity of Russians and Ukrainians” that Ukraine is now talking about a forced change of national identity. The president pointed out that the course of forced assimilation, the formation of an ethnically pure Ukrainian state that is aggressive towards Russia, is comparable in its consequences to the use of weapons of mass destruction.

Earlier, on June 9, the Russian leader said that Kiev’s attempt to divide the inhabitants of Ukraine into indigenous and non-indigenous peoples is comparable to the ideas of Nazi Germany. On July 21, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova pointed out that Ukraine has long been tearing down monuments to fighters against fascism and erecting “monuments to collaborators.